Cartridges for Dust/

To filter dust, steams and/or oily steams.
We produce these cartridges pleating filtering medias chosen according to dust to stop, until H mm. 1500 (we could chose in our wide range of papers, polyesters) and with different fixings:

  • Open top and open end model GS
  • Open top and end with/without hole model GS
  • Flange with 3 or 4 hooks (with different wheelbase) model GB/GBS
  • Flange with fast coupling model GK/GKK
  • Flange with 3, 4, 6 , n holes (with different wheelbase) model GF/GFS
  • Top with thread model GV
  • Top fixing plane flange model GFS
    or with cover model GR

We can produce cylindrical or conical cartridges and, on customer demand, we could put inner and outer wire mesh or only inner or only outer.


  • metal processing (welding, cutting plasma/laser)
  • treatments of surfaces (paintings, sandblasting etc…), plastic/wood industry, food industry


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